SBS is looking for couples who come from two different cultural backgrounds and are getting married in the next 6 months to take part in the second series of this heartwarming documentary about love against the odds.

The series will be a warm and celebratory story of multicultural Australia - a snapshot of who we are today and where we’re going.

For you and your family, it’s an opportunity to showcase your beliefs and rituals to the wider Australian public.

  • What happens when people from two different cutures want to exchange vows?
  • Are you or your partner trying to embrace your Australian identity, while staying true to your culture, identity and family?
  • How do you blend religions, traditions and cultures?
  • How do you bridge your parents’ expectations and your own dreams?

We want to hear your inspiring story about love conquering all.

This series is SBS at its absolute best, showcasing multicultural Australia in an accessible, engaging and non-judgemental way - The Sydney Morning Herald.


Please provide 2 recent photos of yourself and your partner to upload to your application.

Deadline for applications: closing soon.